The company SEEBEN is part of a group of companies working in many different fields of the economy such as games operation in Belgium, computer software and hardware (we are IBM dealer in the French speaking part of Belgium), bowlings operation, arcades operation, and real estate.

started its business as the Seeburg Juke Boxes Distributor for the Benelux countries in 1967. Seeburg in Chicago / USA used to be the most important juke boxes manufacturer in the world until 1980 when the company stopped producing vynil machines.
In 1976 , Mr. V. Bosquin purchased SEEBEN who steadely grew since then.

As far as the amusement games and the gambling machines, SEEBEN is in the middle of 3 activities :



Where the company SIRMO GAMES designs , develops and manufactures Bingos and AWP's.
Research and development department studies and adapts its machines to any country's legal requirements or customer's request.



Where SEEBEN imports, buys and resells or sells its products in Belgium but also everywhere in the world. The main companies represented by SEEBEN are : SIRMO GAMES (Belgium) of course, STERN Pinball (USA) for Benelux, E-GAMING (Czech Republic), ALBERICI (Italy), AMATIC (Austria), CYBERDINE (Hungary), etc...



The company SEEBEN sells and distributes new machines in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Middle East. Our international reputation has built up thanks to the quality of our machines and the follow up regarding the technical support and the spare parts supply which are very important in our business.
Our technical department knows perfectly well its job and the way to help all customers in case of problem. Always at the sharp end of technology, SEEBEN's commercial department participates and visits most of the exhibitions around the world.

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